• Castlemen Events Historic - Underground Railroad
    Sa., 19. Juni
    Its 1840 and a young women, the mother of two young children has just crept silently out of small shack she calls home. The past 6 months she has planned her silent escape. Her hope is to find her way to the British North American territories via the legendary Underground Railroad
  • Green Beret Fitness - Exercise Dawn
    Fr., 25. Juni
    55 push ups is the very first assessment of Exercise DAWN. After that you have 65 sit-ups and an 8 mile ruck with 55 lbs. Tests are to the British military standard: it’s hard! This is all that is known about Exercise DAWN, the rest is classified.
  • Cerberus Series: Cleveland
    Fr., 13. Aug.
    Cuyahoga Valley CrossFit
    36-40hr endurance event in collaboration with HDT, Castlemen Events, & GBF. The 3-headed Cerberus guards the gates of Hell. The 3 of us will draw out your inner demons, pushing you mentally & physically, but also leaving you with more knowledge than you came with. Prepare for an event like nonother.
  • March Madness At Home AMRAP Tournament!
    Mo., 15. März
    Facebook Event Page
    In Home AMRAP Tournament styled like March Madness!

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